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7 Rows Elevated Bleacher - 27' Length

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$17,855.00 - $17,855.00
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7 Rows Elevated Bleacher x 27' comes with anodized 2''x10'' aluminum seat boards and (Double) 2''x10'' mill finish footboards and all with aluminum endcaps. Bleacher comes with Galvanized Chain-link fence at the back, sides and front. The bleacher understructure is fabricated with 2''x2'' 6061 T-6 Aluminum. This bleacher comes standard with 1''x6'' aluminum mill finish riser boards (1) at each row and (2) riser boards on the final row of bleacher. It also includes (1) 4'-06'' ailse + mid aisle handrails for safe travels up and down the bleacher. The price includes one stairway onto the front walk. Ramp is not included in the price. This bleacher is not ADA compliant. ADA options are always available. We are able to powder coat the seats or riserboards of the bleacher for design purposes. All bleachers come standard with anodized seat planks. If you are interested in adding color please request a quote.

All Bleachers are made with great pride by California Bleachers, and are staisfaction guaranteed

All photos are products of California Bleachers; all rights reserved. Please note that photo may depict a different dimension bleacher. Please note the dimensions on title of product.

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How long does manufacturing take?

Manufacturing time depends on what product you wish to purchase. Smaller and more standard bleachers are always ready or can be manufactured within a week such as 3 rows and 5 rows bleachers. Bigger and more custom projects such as 10 rows and elevated bleachers could take up to 2-4 weeks to manufacture.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping goes by weight, so it depends on product or variation, and shipping zone.

For smaller projects we are able to ship within 2-3 weeks. If you are interested in picking up your product the could be ready within a week. Bleachers 5 rows and up and can take 3 to 6 weeks for shipping depending on how big your project is. For more information on shipping and accurate shipping prices please call or send us an email.

How long does installation take?

Expert Installation from our team is fast! For example. Our team could install standard a 10 rows x 21' in 2 days. We can install this fast because our team knows exactly how to install efficiently and have all the tools necessary. If you are thinking about having your own team install bleachers a 10 Row could take 5-6 days by individuals who do not have experience. it is important to have a professional with building experience performing the installation, even better someone familiar with bleachers installations in the past. We highly recommend you hire our installation services for the peace of mind of proper bleacher installation.

How are they packaged?

All parts are packaged separately. In a standard 5 row bleachers there are over 45 components that come together to create the bleachers. Once parts are packaged they are loaded onto our trailers and head out for delivery. All parts can be unloaded by hand. For smaller bleachers we are able to deliver 100% pre-assembled so that bleachers are set in the designated area ready for use.

How do I determine what size bleachers I need?

The first question you should ask is how many seats do you need to. After you have that number figured out, you then determine the space you have. Are you limited in space left to right or front to back? The more rows your have the deeper your bleacher will go back. A 5 row by 33' seats 94 people and a 10 Row x 21' seats 104 people. Similar seat count, completely different physical footprint.

Please call us for details about bleacher footprints.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, We do accept purchase orders.

We have a complicated situation for the bleachers we want. Can you all come and take a site visit to help me figure out what would be best for our facility?

Yes, We do take site visits and can help customers get exactly what they need keeping their budget, space, and timeline in mind.

Does California Bleachers Re-Model Bleachers?

Yes, If you have an old wood stadium/bleacher can take off all wood and install all aluminum planks and make your stadium look brand new.

Does California Bleachers do repairs?

California Bleachers has performed many repairs all over California. Handrail upgrades. Guardrail repairs. Emergency repairs. We have done it all. Please call Califonia Bleachers to help you with any and all repairs.